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Our objectives are not only to make a difference in the lives of animals that are victims of abuse, cruelty, ignorance, abandonment and neglect; but also prevention and improvement of situations through advice and education, rather than prosecution. Anyone can freely turn to the SPCA for help or advice. The details of all callers are kept anonymous.
Although there are neither kennels nor a shelter available yet due to lack of funds, we do our utmost best to provide help and assistance whenever and wherever possible, as well as to prevent and to eliminate cruelty and suffering to all animals (domestic pets, farm animals, live stock, wild animals, exotic animals, etc.). Too many people still believe that animals don’t feel pain, fear, heat, cold, hunger and thirst. Too many people still believe that violent and cruel behavior towards animals is the way to handle them and to train them! Too many people still believe that there is nothing wrong with keeping animals attached on ropes or chains, without shade in summer, without shelter in winter, without neither sufficient water nor food.
We are the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves and our aim is to ensure that all animals are well cared for, with the respect and the attention they deserve as living beings!

Company Overview

The Upington SPCA (Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals) was created on 17th April 2009 thanks to 9 committed and caring people (8 volunteers and 1 NSPCA inspector) whose objective was - and is - to make a positive difference in the lives of animals in the Upington area and surroundings. The opening of the Upington SPCA was a historic occasion, as it was the first SPCA-branch which was opened in the last past 15 years (the other one is in Kimberley) and only the second one now existing in the Northern Cape Province. Nationwide, it was the 91st branch.


We are active in a town of more than 75'000 inhabitants. Our fully trained SPCA inspector is not only authorised for Upington, but also for areas such as Keimoes, Kakamas, Groblershoop, as well as even Springbok if required.
The day to day functions and duties of the SPCA Upington comprise, amongst others: Regular truck stops in collaboration with the SAPS and traffic authorities to ensure safe and sound transport of animals; inspections at abattoirs, farms, pet shops, etc.; outreach programmes and activities like for example distribution of animal-food, sterilisation, medical care, education to animal owners, etc.; as well as follow up of complaints and cruelty cases, with prosecution where necessary.
The Upington SPCA currently has neither kennel facilities available nor a Pound Agreement with the Municipality, and so can no longer be responsible for the collection of stray animals. Stray animal matters must be directed to the local //Khara Hais Municipality at (054-338 7177) until further notice. Inspections at the municipal pound are performed on a regular basis by the SPCA to ensure that the pound and animals staying there are within the required standards and condition.

Owners of missing pets are welcome to post on our Facebook page a description of their beloved missing companion with photo and contact details, and should also query at the //Khara Hais Municipality pound about their lost animal(s), as they might have been collected and are being kept there. Our organization is financially independent from other SPCA’s in the country as well as from the NSPCA (National Council of NSPCA’s).

The Upington SPCA’s existence and development are therefore dependent on regional/local support only. We wish to express our gratitude to anyone who takes action to help prevent cruelty to animals, who volunteers and who cares about their well-being. Donations are a vital element for the survival of our animal welfare society and we thank immensely each and everyone who supports the Upington SPCA with financial donations or donations in the form of animal-food, blankets, pet collars, bowls for food/water, medical treatments (flee & ticks products for example), harnasses for horses and donkeys, etc.


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