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 Mr, 16-05-2016 10:49AM

By: Cristo Conradie

Will not ever go there again. Unfortunately we paid in advance. No maintenance, noise, broken bottles,Parties until 5.45 in the morning, no respect for other visitors, felt very unsafe even with the police patrolling the area. Nobody in our group of 6 (Men)will recommend this place

 Mr., 15-12-2015 05:31PM

By: Ryno Coetzee

Good day,
I hope this is the right place to give a piece of my mind concerning "Die Eiland" Upington. On the 01 July 2015 I made a reservation for the 31 Dec. - 01 Jan. 2 Chalets. I got a reference number and everything. BUT THE CRITICAL THING TO STRESS ON NOW IS the fact that the person that made the reservation for me NEVER SAID, when should I pay my deposit, she told me absolutely nothing and even told me that I can pay when I arrive for the date of reservation. So on the 12th of Dec 2015 I arrived at the office of the Eiland, to pay for the reservation, just to get it of my shoulders. When I came there, THIS IS THE MOST HARDEST PART, THE WOMAN THAT HELPED ME AND EXPLAINED TO ME WHY MY RESERVATION IS CANCELED, WAS SO UNPROFESSIONAL, SHE INSULTED ME, AND SAID IM TAKING CHANCES. ETC. WOW. So I have two conclusions now, the person that helped me on the 01st of JULY did it on purpose in order for the inside jobs to reign, because the rumors speaks for itself, secondly, the EILAND, employs UNPROFESSIONAL people with no skills in working with people. A GREAT 0 OUT OF 5. THE PEOPLE I MADE THE RESERVATION FOR SAID NEVER AGAIN. ALL THOSE PLANNING DOWN THE DRAIN. CORRUPTION AT ITS BEST.I WAS PLANNING ON TAKING IT TO COURT VIA TELKOM RECORDINGS, BUT IM NOT WASTING MY TIME ANYMORE. I WILL TAKE THIS TO THE GEMSBOK TO GIVE MYSELF SATISFACTION.

 Mrs, 08-04-2015 04:03PM

By: Jolene Lewis

This is the most poorly maintained place I have ever visited. You must pay a deposit and struggle to get it back. The chalets / rooms are in bad state and there is no water at all. The air-conditioning is leaking and I had to take all our clothes to a Laundromat. The other residence have no respect for any other resident. We left in the morning 3h00, because of noise!!! Very bad!!! We will not ever sit foot there again, that is for sure!!!! NO STARS OR ANY GOOD RATING FROM ME!!!!

 terrible, 12-02-2015 12:52PM

By: de wit

this place is terrible. De appartments are old and poorly maintained. You have to pay a deposit if you want to rent and the don't pay you back the deposit! They even don't react on mail. It's a scam place.
zero stars for them

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