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Phaahla visits Upington 26 member amid Heritage Day celebrations

National Heritage celebrations were kick started with Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Joe Phaahla visiting the family of the late Evelyn du Bruin, one of a group which came to be known as the Upington 26, and the only woman on death row.

The Upington 26 were arrested in 1985 atPaballelo Township on the outskirts of Upington after the death of a policeman.

Fourteen people were found guilty and given the death penalty, however this was revoked in 1992.

President Kgalema Motlanthe addressed crowds gathered at the Dannie Kuys Stadium in Upington.

Songs that invoke painful memories were sung while emotional family members and activists gathered at the Upington 26 monument to lay wreaths for their fallen comrades.

This years Heritage Day celebrations were celebrated under the theme ‘celebrating the heroes and heroines of the struggle.

Motlhanthe, who addressed the small crowd, called for social cohesion and cultural tolerance.

“No culture in South Africa is pristine and no language is unaffected by the multi-lingual experience that has been the melting pot that is South Africa. The Afrikaans diction has been heavily influenced by indigenous languages,” he says.

Motlanthe also used this opportunity to lambast corrupt leaders who steal resources meant for the poor.

“All of us should join hands to nip corruption in the bud,” says Motlanthe.

He says that corruption undermines the ability of the state to provide services to its people.

“Resources that are meant to improve conditions and lives of our people are diverted by the few, well-positioned individuals to feed their insatiable greed,” he added.

One of the Upington 26 activists, Xolile Yona, echoed the Motlhanthe’s sentiments.

“The Freedom Charter says that there shall be law but what I see now is that we disobey the law. The people in leadership fight for each other, which is not what we want to see,” she says.

Motlhanthe says poverty, inequality and unemployment remain society’s biggest enemies.

He has called upon leaders in the private sector to partner with government in addressing these social ills.



Fly Control with a Plastic Bag


I’ve seen the use of water in a plastic bag as a fly repellent for over a year and it seems to be growing in use. What an “expert” from my area claimed was that the fly mistook the bag as a large spider web. Something about the way the water bulging in a clear plastic bag causes a prism effect and confuses the fly. Who knows what a fly thinks. Maybe they just don’t feel comfortable flying around a place that hangs up bags of water.   The rounder you can get the bag, the better fly control.   Do not let the bag get dusty or dirty.

This technique must really work. I’ve received dozens of similar reports on hanging clear plastic bags of water and completely eliminating fly problems.

Another theory:
Houseflies, being highly edible and defenseless, are nervous types, and don’t like to sit still when they see something moving nearby, because it could be a predator. The water bag acts a bit like a lens–try it some time–in which the movements of people in the area are reflected. Even if the fly is too far from the action to see it directly, it can see a shifting of light and dark in the water bag, which it interprets as nearby movement, and it will fly away from the bag. The reason it doesn’t work on any other insects is that the other insects listed don’t have eyesight worth a plugged nickel. Basically it distorts what they are seeing and confuses them.


Sleep Better: Eat These 5 Foods

As you go about your hectic lifestyle, one thing that you must be sure that you’re not shorting yourself on is a sound sleep. If you’re working out hard in the gym, without that proper night’s rest each evening, you’re going to really struggle to keep up with your recovery and progress.

In addition to this, those who aren’t sleeping well throughout the night are more likely to see elevated levels of cortisol in their body, which will then encourage belly fat accumulation. If a lean midsection and a healthy rate of muscle building are two of your main priorities, you definitely want to look into how to sleep better. You’ve come to the right place.

What you eat will have a big influence on the quality of your sleep. You can easily sleep better by making a few changes and being sure to include foods that promote rest. Note, however, that you should not eat these foods immediately before going to bed, as that can keep you awake due to the increased blood flow to the digestive system; eat them one to two hours before you plan to turn in for the night. This will allow the heaviest part of digestion to take place and also give the sleep-enhancing effects a chance to kick in.

Let’s have a quick look at the top foods you should consider if you want to sleep better.

Cottage cheese

Your road to being able to sleep better could start with a simple half- to one cup of cottage cheese before you turn in for the night. Cottage cheese is a perfect source of protein before bed since it contains slow-digesting casein proteins that will distribute the amino acids to the muscle tissues for hours to come.

In addition to this, it’s really going to help improve your sleep as it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which will naturally induce sleep in the body and help you get a better night’s rest. Yes, the idea that turkey has enough tryptophan to knock you out is a little farfetched, but the amino acid does facilitate serotonin production and serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep.

Pair your cottage cheese with a tablespoon of natural almond butter to keep the body satisfied for the overnight fast to come.


While most people think of oatmeal as a breakfast food, it does work well in the evening due to the fact that the carbohydrates cause a serotonin release in the body. Serotonin is a ”feel-good” hormone that decreases stress and puts you in a much calmer state of mind.

Since oatmeal is also a slower digesting source of carbohydrates, you won’t have to worry about waking up halfway through the night with crashing blood sugar levels.

Slice up half an apple and add to your oatmeal, along with a bit of cinnamon. Serve with a splash of skim milk if desired.

There are three more food options to help you sleep better…

Peanuts or peanut butter

Another food that you should consider if you often have difficulty falling asleep are peanuts or natural peanut butter. Peanuts are a rich source of niacin, which is another nutrient that helps to increase the release of serotonin in the system.

They are slightly higher in both fat and calories, so you’ll want to keep your portion sizes under control. However, when peanuts or peanut butter are eaten in moderation, they are definitely the perfect addition to any diet plan.

Try having a piece of whole grain toast smeared with peanut butter for best results.

Warm milk

You might have heard it before and just chalked it up to an old wives’ tale, but having a glass of warm milk before bed can actually promote faster sleep. The reason behind this is due to the fact that milk also contains that tryptophan amino acid, and for most people, the warm liquid provides a soothing effect.

Additionally, milk also offers up a good dose of calcium, which works in the brain to help regulate the production of melatonin, which is a substance that’s going to naturally control your sleep-wake cycle.

Add a teaspoon of honey if you prefer to sweeten it up and provide a bit of carbohydrates that will further cause a serotonin release.


Finally, the last food that you’ll want to consider having before bed to sleep better are grapes. Grapes are the only fruit found to contain the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, so by adding them regularly to your diet you can help boost the natural sleep-wake cycle in the body. This will then allow you to get to sleep faster each night.

Toss some sliced grapes into a small bowl of yogurt for added calcium and you’ll have a perfect before-bed snack.

good night

Next time you find yourself struggling to get to sleep, take a good look at your diet and see what can be done. If you stick to a light snack that contains some carbs, as well as foods that have tryptophan or calcium in them, you’ll be right on track to promoting that peaceful sleep you’re looking for.


Lizzi’s Arts & Gifts

Lizzi’s Arts & Gifts is a GREAT place to buy a gift for woman, not only because of the unique stuff you don’t see everywhere but especially because the super-friendly owner (Liesie) will help you choose just the thing.

There are a lot of things to choose from including paintings, wooden chairs, juwellry boxes, etc – but the selection is mostly in the clothing/jewelry/handbags girlie stuff category.

The prices seem reasonable for the high quality merchandise on offer. it’s not exactly cheap, but that’s the point – “hey baby i got this for you at Mr Price” is not going to score you a lot of points.

You can find their webpage by clicking here.



Chocolatte Coffee Shop

For months I’ve been driving pass this little coffee shop not knowing anything about the place. I saw the sign in Schroder Street and even discovered its hidden location but never went in. I guess this is what most people do because it’s not very popular and every time I’ve been there, it was kind of quite.

This does not mean it’s bad. It’s just unadvertised and undiscovered. When I walked in the first time, I was like, wow its very appealing and immediately felt like I walked into a coffee shop in Paris. Look at the photos below, you will see what I mean.

Their service was great, the coffee hot and yummy and my choice of food well made, fresh and rewarding. The bill not so much! I imagine with the time and money that went into it you have to pay a little extra.

It’s one of the few coffee shops with parking in Upington. If you are looking for coffee without the hassle of finding parking I definitely recommend them.



Kalahari is best choice for 50 MW Bokpoort CSP


REVE reports that the South African Department of Energy has selected a project headed by the Saudi company Acwa Power as the preferred bidder to develop the 50 MW Bokpoort concentrated solar thermal power plant (CSP) to be located near Upington, in the Northern Cape Province.

Acwa Power chose a group of companies that will be included in the contract as its Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractors (EPC). According to REVE, the group will be responsible for the construction works, commissioning and start up of the power plant. The Bokpoort CSP, estimated to cost over R3b, will have over 100 km of parabolic troughs and will employ a nine hour molten salt heat storage system.

The location of the plant in the vicinity of the Kalahari Desert will take advantage of the extremely favourable solar and environmental conditions of the remote area. The plant is expected to be built and commissioned in 30 months, REVE says.

Read the full article on


Jakkie Louw Show


Jakkie Louw se Relay for Life Show

Fanie Malan Saal om 18h30

30 Augustus

R 50 (volwassenes) R 30 Kinders

Navrae: 054 332 4937




KANSA en SANBS vat hande

Foto 2 Trompie Burger as gevangene saam met sy Adjudante en Christa Stadler van KANSA

Die ou grappie dat Toktokkie van KANSA faam en Bloeddruppel van die SANBS kamp kan resies hardloop, is net ‘n mite. Hulle is groot vriende en vat graag hande. 29% van alle geskenkte bloed word jaarliks toegedien met behandeling of tydens operasies van kankerpasiente en dus is KANSA baie afhanklik van die kosbare werk wat die Suid Afrikaanse Nasionale Bloeddiens verrig.


Die twee organisasie het hande geneem en ‘n Blood Bail gereel – ja dit is reg, ons het nie geld gesoek om die gedagvaardigdes uit die tronk te hou nie, maar het soos die die vampires net bloed gesoek – 5 eenhede van elke “gevangene” Die manne het met hul “bloed aan ‘n halsbandjie” opgedaag en na ‘n dag van groot prêt en baie “bewe” was ons 34 eenhede bloed ryker.


KANSA het ook die geleentheid gebruik om die skenkers kankerwys te maak!


Vir meer inligting, of as u wil aanmeld as pasient, vrywilliger of bloedskenker, skakel asseblief die Upington KANSA kantoor by 054-3324937



Skateboarding video EPIC or Funny?


Glass of wine